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Schedule of Events

  • The Town of  Bowman has regular council meetings held the first Tuesday of each month. Meetings are held at The Bowman Town Hall located at 100 Reevesville Road and begins at 7:00 p.m.

  • Monday, June 20, 2005    The Town of Bowman will hold a special public meeting for the citizens of Bowman to voice their suggestions on enhancing the Town in the near future. This meeting will be held at New Covenant Church at 6:30 located on the corner of Moss Street and Bowman Branch  Highway .

  • The Town of Bowman's Third Annual Harvest Festival will be held the second weekend in September. For more information contact the Bowman Town Hall.

  • The Town of Bowman will hold its annual Candlelight Christmas Parade the second week in December. More information will be available as the event nears.

Town News

  • The Town Of Bowman's CCR Report is now available. This report  is an assessment of the town's water system. The results showed that the town's water was safe and drinkable and that there were no violations.

  • The Town Of Bowman is also proud  of the improvements that have taken place for 2005. The water system replace twelve old leaking fire hydrants with twelve new ones to help water flow and fire protection, improved our ISO (Insurance Services Office) rating, upgraded our chlorination system, replace the main well, refurbished the interior and exterior of our elevated water tank, and beautiful floral arrangements and welcome signs were put up to enhance the town. We look forward to more improvements as the year progresses.

  • If you would like to participate in the Town of Bowman's Third Annual Harvest Festival  or the Annual Candlelight Christmas Parade, please contact the Bowman Town Hall for more information.

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